Why First impressions count on and offline

Not that long ago many people would have to visit your business in person to see what sort of impression you could give to them. In recent times a prospect or customer, would view your business appeal either by a television ad or by your presence in the local paper or yellow pages.

Yellow pages knew this and sold this “appeal aspect” to all businesses and a lot of thought and money was put into the design of their ads look and feel and not just the size.

Like Qantas, the monopoly of overcharging businesses to advertise as yellow pages did was soon squashed by the Internet, as more people turned to looking “online” to find what they wanted or needed.

This is where the website or “I.T/web design” industry took over and for a fraction of the cost of a yellow pages ad you could have far more appealing content, and more calls to action as well as information about the business you might shop at.

First Impressions count!

With most businesses now having a website and a Facebook page it is crucial that your presence on these is not just appealing, but gets your message across.

Customers will make their decision on whether or not to do business with you before they even read about your services or call you on the phone, just by looking at your online presence.

Many businesses still ignore this crucial factor and have outdated or budget websites that they believe “will do”.

This simply is an ignorant statement! Most people search online now, and for the cost of a few newspaper ads or even a large sign at your business you could have a great looking website or improve your online presence in many different ways.

Many times I have seen businesses that spend many thousands of dollars on wasted “flashy sings” at the front of their shop and will not even invest a few hundred dollars on a professional Facebook page that can be seen around the world.

When people visit your shop or business a great deal of care and money is spent by most business owners in making the first impression count. So why are so many businesses still not giving this a thought when it comes to their online presence?

I have lost count of how many businesses I have seen in the last few years that literally refused to spend any or little budget on their online presence, and are now wondering where their customers have gone, and why trade or sales have slowed down.

Many of these businesses are now bankrupt or closed and wonder “what happened” as they felt their old way of doing things was good enough.

It’s obvious my advice is to “invest online”, as those who don’t risk competitors taking all their customers and leaving them wondering “what happened”!

David Nieuwenhoven