Why businesses get social media wrong!


It’s great to see so many businesses now making the “switch” to social media. Many have simply watched to see if getting into social media for their business is worthwhile.

A recent expensive survey showed that the value of a Facebook like on your business page is worth $174 to the business.

socialmediaSo it’s not hard to see why so many businesses are concentrating more time, effort and money on social media.

The trouble is most are still getting it wrong. Many businesses simply “hand over” their social media to an employee as they are the “Facebook expert” as they sit at home at night commenting on pages and playing games and uploading photos, so they must know what they are doing right?

Business owners who do this, fail to see what they are doing wrong. Business social media and personal social media are two vastly different things, and although some people can get away with the same “feel”, for example a mad sports follower and owning a sports equipment store; you risk getting your personal message and your business message mixed up.

Also, as many people are now discovering,  Social media isn’t like TV ads and radio advertising where you simply blast your message to a large amount of people in the hope some of them will like what they see and want to know more.

It takes time to build up your Facebook page; Twitter or Pinterest followers and consumers are very selective now on what the like or follow as they already have a very busy news feed.

There is still far too much selling on Social media and people do not understand the 80/20 or the 90/10 rule. It takes a lot of work to gain loyal fans or followers and only a fraction of a second to lose them when someone un-likes your Facebook page.

It so important to have your pages be content rich, interesting, informative and most importantly think about “what’s in it for the consumer” rather than what’s in it for your business.

Yes, social media for business is a great thing as it targets people directly and allows the business to brand itself in the market place. However if you have a business and you are either looking to improve your social media or get started, you should consider consulting an expert before just leaping in or worse handing it over to an untrained person that could ruin your companies reputation in seconds.

Stay tuned for another article on the difference between an “advertising company that does social media”, and a “social media company that does advertising” which are two vastly different things.