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Our Team

David Nieuwenhoven – Co-Founder, CEO & Speaker

David has always been an entrepreneur at heart, beginning at 16 when he started his own photography business. Over the next few years he honed his considerable sales and management skills in sales roles, retail and management before moving on to the finance industry where he helped clients reduce debt and build property portfolios.

Some time later when he became an independent direct sales distributor for a global business, he barely knew how to send an email but he set about learning everything he could about online marketing and social media. He started his own successful businesses based on his knowledge and experience and was soon winning awards for his achievements.

His wide-ranging knowledge about the internet, passion for online marketing and building businesses (and his ‘cut the crap’ attitude) has allowed him to assist other businesses and pass on his knowledge to help them grow and get the best results.

And on the other side of life….he has starred in TV commercials, been a writer and photographer for magazines, and has finished three gruelling 24 hour, nonstop solo motorcycle races – with minimum riding skills! He’s has also been a race announcer, and compered events with up to 1000 attendees.


Peta Mattschoss – Social Media Community Manager & Trainer

peterAs one of our Social Media Community Managers, Peta Mattschoss brings over 4 years of practice, knowledge and experience of Social Media, to the AER team. This also includes a national accreditation in ‘eBusiness Solutions’, but she has not stopped there. Peta continues to follow best practice and seeks out new and cutting edge Social Media and online applications to help businesses and individuals be seen and talked about through mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Foursquare, to name a few.

Peta’s main focus however is Facebook and all it has to offer businesses big or small. Engaging, sharing and creating conversation now plays a major role for any business. Particularly those businesses that want to maintain their market share,preserve existing customers, and attract new prospective customers.

Peta also brings with her over 12 years of customer service and management skills and a desire to provide only the best for all customers, individuals and businesses. Having worked in the hospitality industry for many years and also in retail and sales, she fully understands how these businesses run and how important their customers actually are. With her own hands on and managing experience Peta brings a ‘can do attitude’ and she continues to believe the ‘The customer is WHY’ not just for the hospitality or retail industries, but also for all businesses.


Mark Weaver – Social Media Designer & Programmer

Mark Weaver
For 11 years of working in BPO and ICT services, Mark has developed a wide range of BPO/ICT-related services using Photoshop for designing, HMTL/PHP/Jscript for web development, and Office Productivity for web research & data coding. He also honed his skills and knowledge in various fields, from social media designs, web designs, graphic layout, and eBook creation.

His core competency lies in Facebook and other Social Media Design and Development. Mark frequently attends social media webinars and events, sharing his passion and learning new techniques that he can apply to his day-to-day social media projects.

Mark is seriously committed to the team and offers quality services to all our clients.