Top News: Re-Launch of AER Online Solutions

Wow! It’s been almost 4 months since we started AER Online Solutions and what a fantastic 4 months it has been.  Although we have been online marketing consultants in the past and have a deep passion for social media and relationship marketing – there is nothing like having your own business.

In this time we have built up a fantastic team of amazing people and are incredibly grateful to have the level of expertise, and most importantly, incredible personalities which can only make for a more prosperous and enjoyable business.

So what is now different?  A great deal is now different!

We recently made the decision to really hone in on our passions, experience and respond to the level of demand from our customers. As a result, going forward we are placing our focus and dedication on social media and relationship marketing, which also includes email marketing and Google Plus Local (formally Google Places).

Social is the place where it is all happening and the opportunities are endless.  Not only this but it’s just growing and growing by the day. Therefore, in order to bring you a top quality service, stay on top of daily changes and current trends, and provide top notch education – this will be where we will be focusing our attention.

So what else will you be offering?

Not only will we be providing a full suite of services, including social media consultancy, social media strategy, social media setup and design, social media management, training & coaching and more – we will also be focusing our efforts on providing you with top notch education.  Expect to hear about live webinars (online conferences), workshops, live events, weekly blog posts and other training material.

Over the next week, we will also be launching our competition giving you the chance to win a social media training & mentoring package worth approx. $760 (check this).

Exciting times!

We also want to take this opportunity to thank our amazing clients, who have been so grateful and incredibly quick to adopt new ideas, technology and embrace the new social web. Well done guys … this is why we do what we do!


Have a fantastic week everyone and don’t forget to ‘get social’!