Top 3 Facebook Marketing Tips to Grow Your Community

Top 3 Facebook Marketing Tips to Grow Your Community

Are you struggling to grow your Facebook community? Looking for some Facebook marketing tips to escalate your community growth?

Well, we have come up with the 3 biggest and most effective Facebook marketing tips that will help you grow your community today?


Tip #1: Post Outside of Business Hours

Many businesses tend to post their Facebook updates throughout business hours. This could be because you are checking your emails at the same time as logging into Facebook or maybe you have set a daily routine in place? However for many businesses, especially B2C, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity by not posting outside of business hours.

According to Mari Smith, Facebook Guru: “experiment with posting during early morning periods (4am to 7am), late evenings and weekends. Then track what responses you get. Don’t just try it once and then stop; mix it up each week”.

I know with our own AER Online Solutions Facebook page that interaction tends to be much higher outside business hours (7am to 9am & 7pm to 11pm). People tend to check their mobiles, iPads and computers before work or late evening when the majority of the day is over.

I suggest mixing it up a bit, experiment and see what happens. And don’t forget to check your Facebook insights!


Tip #2: Take Advantage of Facebook Scheduling

You may now be asking the question – how will I find the time to post out of business hours?

The good news is that Facebook now allows page admins to schedule a post to be published in the future. What a fantastic tool!

Previously, you could only schedule posts through platforms such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social. The problem with these 3rd party apps was that many pages were getting lower interaction and posts were not appearing in the newsfeeds of fans. However, this is not a problem with Facebook scheduling which makes it our new best friend.

Using the scheduling tool can have a huge benefit in ensuring your message is delivered at the optimal time and reaching your target audience. It also enables consistency – which is critical when it comes to marketing with Facebook (and indeed all social media marketing).

So, how do I schedule a post?

To schedule a post:

–          Type your update/photo/video as you normally would into the status update bar

–          Click on the clock symbol underneath the status update box

–          Add the date & time you wish to schedule your post

–          Click schedule

–          To check your activity log – go to “edit page” and click “activity log

Happy scheduling!


Tip #3: Allocate Appropriate Time & Resource

Probably one of the biggest mistakes we see with Facebook marketing (and all social media marketing) is that business owners grossly underestimate the time, commitment and dedication required to make Facebook and social media work for their business.  Remember – Facebook is way more than just marketing – it is your customer service platform, reputation building and word of mouth – all rolled into one.

If you plan to use social media, then make sure you treat it exactly the same way as you would if serving a customer or picking up the phone.  Facebook is now your shop front online!

Make sure you have an experienced member of staff who can dedicate at least 15 mins a day, 5 days a week on an ongoing and consistent basis.  If you don’t have this level of commitment internally, then consider hiring a social media community manager.

Your community and customers will thank you for it! 

Remember: Facebook isn’t just for teenagers or techie people. It’s important to make sure the person who looks after your Facebook marketing is fantastic with people, understands your business and customers and someone who can be trusted with your reputation.

Have you found these Facebook marketing tips to be valuable? What do you think?

Don’t forget to share this post if you feel someone can benefit and leave your comments below.

Happy Facebooking!

Amanda Emily