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Social Media Management

Social Media

Are you looking for someone to manage your business’s social media?

AER staff have over 20 years combined experience in online & social media marketing and know what your customers are looking for. Rather than having fancy marketing degrees, we have all worked “in the field” before we did marketing. Our backgrounds include, retail, hospitality, tourism, well being & more. We are so confident we can build your fan base and customers, we offer a money back guarantee* It’s been researched and shown that each Facebook like who follows your page is worth $174 to your business. Now that is something to think about!

The Benefits of having a Social Media Manager

  • Managers are fully trained
  • Keep up to date with Facebook updates
  • Knows compliance rules and regulations
  • Consistency – 2-3 Posts a day at Key engagement times
  • Monitors business page for spam, profanity, and undesirables
  • Non transient. (Why spend time and money training staff members and then they move onto another company?)
  • Customer service orientated
  • No personal issues that could ruin your business
  • Understands how to use a business page verses a personal page
  • Knows importance of building Likes, sharing, engaging with other businesses
  • Always communicating with business management
  • Always working to improve your page
  • Constantly acknowledges customer feedback, questions and comments
  • Helps build customer loyalty without bias, through engagement and posts
  • Adheres to business goals, vision and ideals for Facebook Page
  • Provides monthly reports, printed and via phone follow up

Would you film your own TV ads, record your own radio commercials or print your own newspapers? Well, why would you try and do your own Social Media? What happens if you get it wrong? Reputation online is everything!!

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