Never Buy Facebook Likes

Why you shouldn’t buy Facebook likes for your business page

Don't buy Facebook Likes for you business

Recently I have seen quite a few people buying or even promoting the fact you can buy Facebook likes for your business page.

Some of my friends have even fallen for this, thinking it will help boost their Facebook business page so they can sell more products, enroll more members or make their page stand out.

This couldn’t be further from the truth and it’s sad to see some “so called social media experts” even promoting and encouraging this practice.

Buying Facebook likes for your business page is one of the worst things you can do and I will explain why…

Who you are buying: First of all the question has to be asked who are the people liking your page? If you have just bought 5000 likes, where are they from? Which country? Are they even real people? This in itself should be enough to put you off, plus you are now open to more spam, scams and people contacting you that have no interest in your product or service.

Are they your customers or potential customers: If you have just bought some Facebook likes how on earth could they be, or potentially be your customers in the future? They didn’t find your page through your website, or referred by a friend, or even saw your business advertisement, so the chances of them even being vaguely interested in your product or service is remote, at best. I mean if you are a massage therapist, real estate agent or a fitness coach, how would someone in a third world country use your products or service?

First Impressions: When people land on your Facebook page the first thing they look at is your cover photo, then how many fans you have and most importantly how many people are talking or active on your page.

If I land on a Facebook page and see 20,000 likes and only 100 people talking about the page, I instantly know that this page is not genuine, or has not a lot of activity, therefore I am less likely to follow the page.

Your reputation on Facebook is a permanent tattoo online, and if your page is not made up of genuine followers imagine what could happen, or the perception people have of how successful you are?

Facebook advertising: Many people now do Facebook advertising and by buying Facebook likes you have just “stuffed up” your Facebook advertising costs. There are many Facebook ad types but the two main ones are sponsored ads which promote to friends of your page. So if you are advertising to say 5000 people and their friends who have no interest in your page as you bought the likes, you are wasting money advertising to people who have no interest.

Also, all Facebook ads are based on your page size, country, location and more. If your “likers” are not genuine “likers”, your advertising costs have just increased.

Removing Likes:  So far I have yet to find a way to remove Facebook likes from your fan or business page. So if you have just bought 10,000 likes, you are decreasing the chance of your page being shown up in people’s news feed and there is no undo button.

So my message is loud and clear. Never buy Facebook likes for your page! If you want more fans, advertise legitimately or spend more time on your page offering value, so people are attracted to your product or service.


David Nieuwenhoven