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Never Buy Facebook Likes

Why you shouldn’t buy Facebook likes for your business page

Don't buy Facebook Likes for you business

Recently I have seen quite a few people buying or even promoting the fact you can buy Facebook likes for your business page.

Some of my friends have even fallen for this, thinking it will help boost their Facebook business page so they can sell more products, enroll more members or make their page stand out.

This couldn’t be further from the truth and it’s sad to see some “so called social media experts” even promoting and encouraging this practice.

Buying Facebook likes for your business page is one of the worst things you can do and I will explain why…

Who you are buying: First of all the question has to be asked who are the people liking your page? If you have just bought 5000 likes, where are they from? Which country? Are they even real people? This in itself should be enough to put you off, plus you are now open to more spam, scams and people contacting you that have no interest in your product or service.

Are they your customers or potential customers: If you have just bought some Facebook likes how on earth could they be, or potentially be your customers in the future? They didn’t find your page through your website, or referred by a friend, or even saw your business advertisement, so the chances of them even being vaguely interested in your product or service is remote, at best. I mean if you are a massage therapist, real estate agent or a fitness coach, how would someone in a third world country use your products or service?

First Impressions: When people land on your Facebook page the first thing they look at is your cover photo, then how many fans you have and most importantly how many people are talking or active on your page.

If I land on a Facebook page and see 20,000 likes and only 100 people talking about the page, I instantly know that this page is not genuine, or has not a lot of activity, therefore I am less likely to follow the page.

Your reputation on Facebook is a permanent tattoo online, and if your page is not made up of genuine followers imagine what could happen, or the perception people have of how successful you are?

Facebook advertising: Many people now do Facebook advertising and by buying Facebook likes you have just “stuffed up” your Facebook advertising costs. There are many Facebook ad types but the two main ones are sponsored ads which promote to friends of your page. So if you are advertising to say 5000 people and their friends who have no interest in your page as you bought the likes, you are wasting money advertising to people who have no interest.

Also, all Facebook ads are based on your page size, country, location and more. If your “likers” are not genuine “likers”, your advertising costs have just increased.

Removing Likes:  So far I have yet to find a way to remove Facebook likes from your fan or business page. So if you have just bought 10,000 likes, you are decreasing the chance of your page being shown up in people’s news feed and there is no undo button.

So my message is loud and clear. Never buy Facebook likes for your page! If you want more fans, advertise legitimately or spend more time on your page offering value, so people are attracted to your product or service.


David Nieuwenhoven


Why First impressions count on and offline

Not that long ago many people would have to visit your business in person to see what sort of impression you could give to them. In recent times a prospect or customer, would view your business appeal either by a television ad or by your presence in the local paper or yellow pages.

Yellow pages knew this and sold this “appeal aspect” to all businesses and a lot of thought and money was put into the design of their ads look and feel and not just the size.

Like Qantas, the monopoly of overcharging businesses to advertise as yellow pages did was soon squashed by the Internet, as more people turned to looking “online” to find what they wanted or needed.

This is where the website or “I.T/web design” industry took over and for a fraction of the cost of a yellow pages ad you could have far more appealing content, and more calls to action as well as information about the business you might shop at.

First Impressions count!

With most businesses now having a website and a Facebook page it is crucial that your presence on these is not just appealing, but gets your message across.

Customers will make their decision on whether or not to do business with you before they even read about your services or call you on the phone, just by looking at your online presence.

Many businesses still ignore this crucial factor and have outdated or budget websites that they believe “will do”.

This simply is an ignorant statement! Most people search online now, and for the cost of a few newspaper ads or even a large sign at your business you could have a great looking website or improve your online presence in many different ways.

Many times I have seen businesses that spend many thousands of dollars on wasted “flashy sings” at the front of their shop and will not even invest a few hundred dollars on a professional Facebook page that can be seen around the world.

When people visit your shop or business a great deal of care and money is spent by most business owners in making the first impression count. So why are so many businesses still not giving this a thought when it comes to their online presence?

I have lost count of how many businesses I have seen in the last few years that literally refused to spend any or little budget on their online presence, and are now wondering where their customers have gone, and why trade or sales have slowed down.

Many of these businesses are now bankrupt or closed and wonder “what happened” as they felt their old way of doing things was good enough.

It’s obvious my advice is to “invest online”, as those who don’t risk competitors taking all their customers and leaving them wondering “what happened”!

David Nieuwenhoven

Marketing company versus online marketing company

noneedforphonebooksSince I started in online marketing about 6 years ago I have seen many changes. The yellow pages is all but dead, Social media has grown to be the biggest thing on the internet even overtaking adults only sites and Facebook has become more popular than Google.

In this rush for businesses to “get online” many business owners turn to their existing or even a traditional marketing company for help.

Of course calling your local marketing company makes sense right? Well they should know about all this online stuff right?


In many cases traditional marketing companies really have no idea, and often no experience in the online world. They are so use to letterbox drops, billboards, TV and radio ads. They still have the same spray and pray mentality and then apply this to social media.

Does this sound like a whine about a lot of marketing companies? Well………… is, as I have witnessed first-hand on more occasions than I can count, business owners wasting their money going with their old marketing company and seeing little or no return on investment.

Many marketing companies employ people with fancy marketing degrees from university or Tafe, which is great, but all too often, they have no field or online experience. Many simply set up a Facebook page and now “claim” to do online marketing.

In my experience they simply do not understand “pull marketing” versus “push marketing”. They are all about flashy ads, or pretty designs or blasting messages to as many people as possible.

This is where they get it wrong. I mean you only have to look at their Facebook page or Twitter account to see what they are saying, and often it’s not much at all or it’s all the wrong things.

Your customers are “sick of traditional marketing” and ads being pushed in their face. If your customers are TV watchers then use TV advertising. If you want loyal, repeat customers that will recommend your business to their friends then social media is where you should be.

Recently I witnessed a company spend a few hundred thousand dollars employing so called “experts” to get their message out.  They all thought this would work, and that I did not know what I was talking about. The business owner went with the loudest or best display and thought these “experts” know what they are doing.

However what they failed to see was “what is it that the customer looking for, how can we keep our consumers loyal to our brand. How do we get our message out virally with interesting content that will drive buyers to our products? Instead there was lots of flashy stuff and no increase in sales.

Traditional marketing companies are better to “hook up” or do Joint ventures with expert online and social media companies or hire a brand new social media and online expert, rather than give false promises to business owners when they really don’t know what they are doing.

Traditional marketing companies still have their place, as people still watch TV and listen to the radio, but you only have to look which businesses are booming today and they are the ones that have a big online presence.

My advice is always “do your research” or ask for examples of other online or social media work that the company has done.

It could save you a lot of money, time and headaches.

Why businesses get social media wrong!


It’s great to see so many businesses now making the “switch” to social media. Many have simply watched to see if getting into social media for their business is worthwhile.

A recent expensive survey showed that the value of a Facebook like on your business page is worth $174 to the business.

socialmediaSo it’s not hard to see why so many businesses are concentrating more time, effort and money on social media.

The trouble is most are still getting it wrong. Many businesses simply “hand over” their social media to an employee as they are the “Facebook expert” as they sit at home at night commenting on pages and playing games and uploading photos, so they must know what they are doing right?

Business owners who do this, fail to see what they are doing wrong. Business social media and personal social media are two vastly different things, and although some people can get away with the same “feel”, for example a mad sports follower and owning a sports equipment store; you risk getting your personal message and your business message mixed up.

Also, as many people are now discovering,  Social media isn’t like TV ads and radio advertising where you simply blast your message to a large amount of people in the hope some of them will like what they see and want to know more.

It takes time to build up your Facebook page; Twitter or Pinterest followers and consumers are very selective now on what the like or follow as they already have a very busy news feed.

There is still far too much selling on Social media and people do not understand the 80/20 or the 90/10 rule. It takes a lot of work to gain loyal fans or followers and only a fraction of a second to lose them when someone un-likes your Facebook page.

It so important to have your pages be content rich, interesting, informative and most importantly think about “what’s in it for the consumer” rather than what’s in it for your business.

Yes, social media for business is a great thing as it targets people directly and allows the business to brand itself in the market place. However if you have a business and you are either looking to improve your social media or get started, you should consider consulting an expert before just leaping in or worse handing it over to an untrained person that could ruin your companies reputation in seconds.

Stay tuned for another article on the difference between an “advertising company that does social media”, and a “social media company that does advertising” which are two vastly different things.


Social Media Management: What Is The Best Option For My Business?

Are you currently thinking about social media management for your business? Or maybe you are considering doing it yourself, using a family member, team member or an IT person?

The most important action to take in the first instant is to “educate yourself” as much as possible about social media marketing.  Many businesses make the mistake of diving straight in, or using an untrained member of staff without having any knowledge or understanding of the basic principles and ethics behind the social media platforms they choose to be on.

It’s important to note that social media marketing is different to all other forms of marketing – it is not comparable to radio, print press or TV advertising.  In our experience, this is where many businesses tend to fall over very quickly.

Social media is all about building relationships and nurturing your community to encourage word of mouth and build a strong reputation.  With this in mind, business owners should seriously consider whether the 18 year recent school leaver or the untrained IT guy within the company is the right person to manage their social media.

Think of it this way!

Let’s say you own a small to medium business and were looking to market yourself in the ‘traditional’ way!

If you were advertising with radio, you would definitely look to pay a marketing company to make an ad, or at least make sure the person you were using was well trained in radio.

If you were going to do a ‘letterbox drop’ with high quality pamphlets, would you make your own logo, source the cheapest paper possible and then hand deliver each of the 10,000 pamphlets to make sure that they were delivered properly?

Just because social media is free to join and free to post – doesn’t mean you should be risking your company’s reputation by using someone who hasn’t received formal training on the ethics and good practice of social media for business.

Each post, comment and share you make on social media is a permanent tattoo on your business. Social media is extremely transparent and there are no cutting corners if you do not want to run the risk of damaging your business long term.

Before even embarking on social media, business owners need to think about the purpose of being on social media.  Who is your target market? What are you going to talk about? How are you going to bring them value? What interaction are you going to have on a daily basis? How will you measure the ROI? In other words – what is your social media strategy?

Social media management or train a member of staff?

Both the options of either hiring a social media manager or training a member of staff are viable ones. If you are hiring a social media manager, make sure they have the experience your business deserves. Just the same as you hire a plumber to fix your pipes or a sparky to rewire your business or a mechanic to fix your car – the hiring of a social media manager should be treated with exactly the same amount of care. It takes a social media expert considerable time and experience to learn the do’s and don’ts of using social media for business.  You do not want to destroy your company with one single keystroke because someone hasn’t got a clue what they are doing.

If the business owner doesn’t want to hand over the reins to a complete stranger, then the other option is to train a member of staff.  Make sure that the training includes a mentoring aspect to it, so that you can work with someone for a while, rather than trying to learn everything in a couple of hours.  This option is fantastic for those businesses that have budget restrictions or want to keep their social media management in house.

Therefore, before embarking on your social media journey, think about why you want to use social media; how you are going to use social media and what type of social media management process you will have in place.

Have you found our social media management advice to be valuable? What do you think?

Don’t forget to share this post if you feel someone can benefit and leave your comments below.

Let’s get social!

David Nieuwenhoven

Top 3 Facebook Marketing Tips to Grow Your Community

Top 3 Facebook Marketing Tips to Grow Your Community

Are you struggling to grow your Facebook community? Looking for some Facebook marketing tips to escalate your community growth?

Well, we have come up with the 3 biggest and most effective Facebook marketing tips that will help you grow your community today?


Tip #1: Post Outside of Business Hours

Many businesses tend to post their Facebook updates throughout business hours. This could be because you are checking your emails at the same time as logging into Facebook or maybe you have set a daily routine in place? However for many businesses, especially B2C, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity by not posting outside of business hours.

According to Mari Smith, Facebook Guru: “experiment with posting during early morning periods (4am to 7am), late evenings and weekends. Then track what responses you get. Don’t just try it once and then stop; mix it up each week”.

I know with our own AER Online Solutions Facebook page that interaction tends to be much higher outside business hours (7am to 9am & 7pm to 11pm). People tend to check their mobiles, iPads and computers before work or late evening when the majority of the day is over.

I suggest mixing it up a bit, experiment and see what happens. And don’t forget to check your Facebook insights!


Tip #2: Take Advantage of Facebook Scheduling

You may now be asking the question – how will I find the time to post out of business hours?

The good news is that Facebook now allows page admins to schedule a post to be published in the future. What a fantastic tool!

Previously, you could only schedule posts through platforms such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social. The problem with these 3rd party apps was that many pages were getting lower interaction and posts were not appearing in the newsfeeds of fans. However, this is not a problem with Facebook scheduling which makes it our new best friend.

Using the scheduling tool can have a huge benefit in ensuring your message is delivered at the optimal time and reaching your target audience. It also enables consistency – which is critical when it comes to marketing with Facebook (and indeed all social media marketing).

So, how do I schedule a post?

To schedule a post:

–          Type your update/photo/video as you normally would into the status update bar

–          Click on the clock symbol underneath the status update box

–          Add the date & time you wish to schedule your post

–          Click schedule

–          To check your activity log – go to “edit page” and click “activity log

Happy scheduling!


Tip #3: Allocate Appropriate Time & Resource

Probably one of the biggest mistakes we see with Facebook marketing (and all social media marketing) is that business owners grossly underestimate the time, commitment and dedication required to make Facebook and social media work for their business.  Remember – Facebook is way more than just marketing – it is your customer service platform, reputation building and word of mouth – all rolled into one.

If you plan to use social media, then make sure you treat it exactly the same way as you would if serving a customer or picking up the phone.  Facebook is now your shop front online!

Make sure you have an experienced member of staff who can dedicate at least 15 mins a day, 5 days a week on an ongoing and consistent basis.  If you don’t have this level of commitment internally, then consider hiring a social media community manager.

Your community and customers will thank you for it! 

Remember: Facebook isn’t just for teenagers or techie people. It’s important to make sure the person who looks after your Facebook marketing is fantastic with people, understands your business and customers and someone who can be trusted with your reputation.

Have you found these Facebook marketing tips to be valuable? What do you think?

Don’t forget to share this post if you feel someone can benefit and leave your comments below.

Happy Facebooking!

Amanda Emily

Top News: Re-Launch of AER Online Solutions

Wow! It’s been almost 4 months since we started AER Online Solutions and what a fantastic 4 months it has been.  Although we have been online marketing consultants in the past and have a deep passion for social media and relationship marketing – there is nothing like having your own business.

In this time we have built up a fantastic team of amazing people and are incredibly grateful to have the level of expertise, and most importantly, incredible personalities which can only make for a more prosperous and enjoyable business.

So what is now different?  A great deal is now different!

We recently made the decision to really hone in on our passions, experience and respond to the level of demand from our customers. As a result, going forward we are placing our focus and dedication on social media and relationship marketing, which also includes email marketing and Google Plus Local (formally Google Places).

Social is the place where it is all happening and the opportunities are endless.  Not only this but it’s just growing and growing by the day. Therefore, in order to bring you a top quality service, stay on top of daily changes and current trends, and provide top notch education – this will be where we will be focusing our attention.

So what else will you be offering?

Not only will we be providing a full suite of services, including social media consultancy, social media strategy, social media setup and design, social media management, training & coaching and more – we will also be focusing our efforts on providing you with top notch education.  Expect to hear about live webinars (online conferences), workshops, live events, weekly blog posts and other training material.

Over the next week, we will also be launching our competition giving you the chance to win a social media training & mentoring package worth approx. $760 (check this).

Exciting times!

We also want to take this opportunity to thank our amazing clients, who have been so grateful and incredibly quick to adopt new ideas, technology and embrace the new social web. Well done guys … this is why we do what we do!


Have a fantastic week everyone and don’t forget to ‘get social’!

The world is going social. Are you part of it?

AER Online Solutions help businesses throughout Australia and the globe make the shift to using social media and relationship marketing, so they can reap the amazing opportunities on offer.

We’re much more than a standard social media marketing company – we educate and support businesses to help them to transition into a social & relationship driven world.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, then as a business owner you would be more aware than ever the importance of utilising social media for your business. Social media is not going away, nor is it a fad – it’s here to stay and growing at a massive rate.

AER are here to help you set up, train or manage your Social Media – so that making the shift becomes a good experience, rather than confusing and chaotic.